Meet the SprAy Team!


We like to move forward with the times and as your probably well aware we like to spray paint using airless and HVLP spraying systems. These in the right environment create a far better finish in a shorter space of time which is a win win all round!! We’re working hard at the sprAy team to stay ahead !!!! Here’s your chance to meet the team.


Paul Sharpe .. aka ‘ howling mad Murdoch ‘ .. the joker of the pack and crazy fool !! But a leading light in the spray world!! ( his own words)

Karl Waterfall .. aka ‘the face man’ the pretty boy of the team, likes the odd beer ( or 15) another tip top sprayer who has no fear!!

Lee Burt .. aka ‘ Hannibal ‘ the father figure .. with the most grey hair!!.. who always loves it when a plan comes together!!!

If you have a Decorating / spray related problem and no one else can help , maybe you should call … the sprAy team … #sprAyteam

From a door to a whole factory .. when it comes to sprAying .. u wanna be contacting us at The sprAy team


Our recent customer wanted to update their tired and traditional kitchen.

Working with The SprAy Team a colour was chosen for the units which would provide a modern and fresh look.

Spraying the units provides a cost effective and sustainable option to a full kitchen replacement. 

The SprAy Team use professional products for the preparation of surfaces and the paint spraying giving you confidence in a professional and lasting finish. 

Spraying is a great solution for a range of areas in your home including kitchens, wall units, wardrobes and furniture.