We like to move forward with the times and as your probably well aware we like to spray paint using airless and hvlp spraying systems … these in the right environment create a far better finish in a shorter space of time which is a win win all round!! We’re working hard at the sprAy team to stay ahead !!!! Here’s ur chance to meet the team ….

Paul Sharpe .. aka ‘ howling mad murdoch ‘ .. the joker of the pack and crazy fool !! But a leading light in the spray world!! ( his own words)

Karl Waterfall .. aka ‘the face man’ the pretty boy of the team, likes the odd beer ( or 15) another tip top sprayer who has no fear!!

Lee Burt .. aka ‘ Hannibal ‘ the father figure .. with the most grey hair!!.. who always loves it when a plan comes together!!!

If u have a Decorating/ spray related problem and no one else can help , maybe you should call … the sprAy team … #sprAyteam

From a door to a whole factory .. when it comes to sprAying .. u wanna be contacting us at The sprAy team